About Adiona

The darkness couldn’t have been gloomier. It had started snowing in the afternoon and turned into a full blown hailstorm by late evening. We were camped at Lady Leg, the base camp for summiting Mt. Friendship. All our plans to summit were out of the symbolic tent window. We weren’t just battling precipitation and condensation, it was mainly the apathy of being stuck in a tent while we could be out there climbing!

It was this exact moment that Bhinder bhai chose to holler from his other tent, “Darwaza Khol ke rakho, dinner aa raha hai.” (Keep the door open, it's time for dinner). We were stupefied thinking about how Bhinder, the mountain guide on our self supported alpine trip, could even think of dinner let alone take the initiative to prepare it. His logic was simple, “Khayenge Nahi to chadenge kaise?” (How will we climb, if we don't eat?). His vast experience in the mountains had convinced him that the storm will subside and we’ll climb soon enough. If not for Bhinder, we’d have surely given up. But we didn’t, and climb we did! Finding him, however, had been an uphill task itself. No one wanted to guide us on a treacherous peak in off season with lots of snow. We could only find the adventurous Himalayan guide through a friend of a friend of a friend. Next morning, as the sun dawned on our mountain and drowned it in an orange hue while we climbed up, the realization dawned upon us. There ARE many Bhinders out there. And there ARE many more of us trying to find them. An idea was born that is Adiona today.

Adiona is a team of adventure enthusiasts who are passionate about the outdoors. Our vision is to bring about a positive change in the adventure landscape in India.

Adiona offers curated experiences from well qualified and experienced adventure guides and boutique adventure operators. In its full form, Adiona will allow you to explore new activities and training courses, compare between multitude of adventure offerings, find your most suitable adventure, customise it and book it there and then. We provide you complete support in your preparation for the adventures as well. Basically we are with you at every step of your adventure trip so you can focus on the most important thing, the adventure itself!

“Getting up is optional, getting down is mandatory”, writes the much-acclaimed mountaineer Ed Viesturs in one of his memoirs ‘No Shortcuts to the Top’. We at Adiona have the firm belief that, indeed, there are no shortcuts to the top, particularly when purity of soul is as much important for a successful adventure as a fit body. Thus, the quality of experiences you find at Adiona is unmatched. Small groups, customized off the grid trips, personalised courses, sustainable travel, you name it.

Adiona is the Roman Goddess of safe return. She watches over the weary travelers on their journeys and protects them to ensure their safe return. Adiona Adventures imbibes the same principle of supporting our adventurers in all aspects of their trips and enables guides to make top-quality adventures available on a sustainable basis.

Adiona is built on three core values

Love for Adventure

It’s simple, we love adventure. Each member of the Adiona family has keen interest and experience of multiple adventure sports. We strive to bring to you the curated experiences offered by local experts and guides across multiple categories. In addition to the quality of experiences, we ensure that sustainability practices are diligently followed by our partners.

Customer Experience

Delightful customer experience is an obsession for the Adiona family. Having been adventurers ourselves, we understand our customer expectations. We at Adiona Adventures will support you at all stages of your journey and ensure you and your companions have a memorable, thrilling, and safe experience.

Empowering Partners

We aim to list all the local, certified operators for the listed activities and in the long run standardize best practices at our partners’ ends that can enhance their offering and thereby customer experience.